Snakes, Venom, and Evolution

Although he has long since gone to his eternal reward, the ideas of Papa Darwin have been having some bad times lately. They have been slimed by the hagfish, natural selection has been shown to be useless in science, and now we see that they have been snakebit. Serves the sidewinders right.

Evolutionists are unable to explain the origin of snakes, and of venom. Instead, they exhibit the design work of the Creator.
Western pygmy rattlesnake image credit: Wikimedia Commons/Peter Paplanus (CC by 2.0)
 Evolutionists have been unable to come up with a cogent model for the origin of snakes and lizards. They lost their legs? How? Ideas raise more questions than provide answers. They also have problems with the varieties of venom and where it came from. Yes, creationists also have speculations about venom as well. We do know that snakes show remarkable design, and did not evolve.
The origin of snakes and snake venom has become more puzzling to believers in Darwinian evolution.

(Note: For explanation of our usage of Darwin, Darwinism and Darwinian, see footnote.) [This fits the way I use those terms as well. -Cowboy Bob]

If snakes evolved from lizards, there should be fossils showing the transition. There should also be genetic changes evident between lizards and snakes. Often in biology, things turn out too complicated for simple stories.
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