Darwinism and Destroying Brains

What follows is an unpleasant reality of Darwinian thinking, which was based on presuppositions in a materialistic worldview. As biblical creationists have shown many times, evolution may look good as presented, but its foundations are flawed. Especially in psychology.

Another dangerous area of Darwinian quackery is evolutionary psychology. Lobotomies were a terrible destructive practice based entirely on evolutionary presuppositions.
Background image credit: Freeimages/Miranda Knox
Modern psychology is based on evolution, and it is downright dangerous. It is, to use the technical term, quackery. Researchers deceive their subjects, which raises ethical concerns.

People are prescribed medications for depression, schizophrenia, and other conditions but doctors really do not know how and why things work. (I have known people who took "cocktails" of medications that would be shuffled and adjusted until the patient felt better. That ain't science, old son, that's a crap shoot.) One of the worst horrors in medical history is the frontal lobotomy.

Using assumptions and piling story upon story, the idea was that our brain evolved in stages, and that the reptile brain caused problems for us. How about if doctors removed the link between the reptile area and let the more evolved part commence to doing productive thinking and feeling? Bring the ice pick!

Yes, really. Ice pick lobotomies became popular for many years, and doctors lied. Tens of thousands of people had the procedure and there were many terrible side effects — for those who survived at all. If those medical sidewinders hadn't been so concerned with their materialistic worldview and had questioned evolution, they may have thought about how the Master Engineer put things in their places for a reason, they may have been able to do something useful instead of the butchery called "psychosurgery". We are created in God's image, and he knew what he was doing from the beginning.
The frontal lobotomy was a psychosurgery treatment based on the evolutionary belief that, as the human brain evolved, the newer sections evolved on top of the older parts. The evolutionarily older brain section was later called the ‘reptile brain.’ A lobotomy, the theory postulated, could reduce undesirable ‘reptile’ behavior. In the end, as many as 35,000 persons were lobotomized, producing what neurologist Frank Vertosick called “a mental health holocaust.” We now know most patients replaced their reptile behavior with a sluggish, disoriented, even moribund, countenance. Some were reduced to vegetative states, and many died of cerebral hemorrhaging or other complications.
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