Trait Selection and Engineered Adaptability

Charles Darwin hijacked the principle of natural selection, turned it into a false god with creative ability, and called it evolution. His followers have done the same, and added a wagon train-load of nonsense forces like "selection pressures" and the like that caused modifications externally.

Image courtesy of Why?Outreach from an idea I had
Using the reality- and science-based creation science engineered adaptability principle, we see that critters are equipped with genetic switches so they can accommodate themselves to their environment. They are even able to sense changes. The Master Engineer didn't want his entire creation to go extinct, so he equipped organisms. You savvy that? The harsh lightning of reality is frightening to secularists.

But what about creatures that have variations? Blind cave fish have lost their eyes, therefore, evolution. (Yes, Darwinoids really think that.) In reality, these little tetras testify of creation. Other creatures have various traits showing that they were designed to adapt.
. . . researchers could have very different interpretations for a common observation in adaptation-related mysteries. When a population of organisms is exposed to changing conditions, quite often we find that over time some adapt to live in a new environment. What seems to have happened is a non-random—indeed, preferential—sorting of some of the original members (and their offspring) whose traits are highly suited to the new environment. Researchers face two equally important questions: “What mechanisms enabled the original population to diversify,” and “How do we explain the preferential sorting of organisms?”
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