Exterminate Humans for a Better World

One of the dangers of evolutionary thinking is the way some two-bit owlhoots use their fundamentally flawed worldview to saddle the rest of us with their dictates. While taking care of the environment is a biblical principle, radical environmentalism is downright dangerous. Some think killing off people will bring about a utopia.

Evolutionary thinking leads to radical environmentalism that is inconsistent. Some want to eliminate a lot of people for their twisted vision.
Credit: Pixabay/Free-Photos
The ugly kid brother of radical environmentalism is the fanatical cult version of anthropogenic global climate change, and some tinhorns use the scare tactics of that to inflate the bigger picture that they imagine. To make the world a better place, eliminate a whole heap of humans. (This also fits with eugenics and abortion concepts.) Killing off many people is not new to the radical environmental movement, but this is a variation on a theme. Maybe the socialistic "Green New Deal" by Ocasio-Cortez will head in this direction if implemented?

To be consistent with their evolutionary worldview, we should be able to do what we please because we clawed our way to the top of the food chain and you can just deal with it. Biblical creationists know that we are not just another animal, but are created in God's image and responsible to take care of our world. Do you want people who rebel against the living God deciding who is worth keeping alive for the sake of their twisted vision?

Humans must be re-imagined, then re-made to fit the new global utopia, according to an environmental evolutionist.

Reimagining the human (Science Magazine). As Eileen Crist writes in part of Science Magazine’s “Tomorrow’s Earth” series, she forgets the horrors of past generations that tried to “re-imagine” human beings to fit an elite agenda. As usual, the elite only wants to “help” mankind avoid an imagined threat. Crist has a whopper to scare people about:
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