SETI Fans Cherish Failed Drake Equation

Evolutionists have their invisible imaginary friends that they call extraterrestrial beings. Like dark matter, they have never been scientifically observed but secularists believe in them anyway. This is probably because they know abiogenesis is impossible on Earth, so it must have happened out there. Our Creator made Earth a special place, and they don't take kindly to that fact. One concept to justify belief in ETs is the Drake equation.

The Drake equation is SETI dogma, but it is full of logic holes. Even a secular astrophysicist condemns it.
Credit: RGBStock/Dez Pain
Alien enthusiasts do not have much hope, as it seems that every time NASA comes up with more exoplanets, their hopes are dashed (such as those around TRAPPIST-1, for example). Indeed, the habitable zone is fraught with problems. Unlike it's smarter brother the Fermi Paradox, Drake's equation looks very math-like. It was illogical and unscientific from the get-go, but it is still dogma for SETI folks; you could fly a starship through the holes in it. Secular astrophysicist throws down on the Drake equation, and what he says supports what biblical creationists are encouraging: the use of critical thinking and rejecting excessive variables.
Paul Sutter has a way with words. In a article entitled “Alien Hunters, Stop Using the Drake Equation,” he says, “The Drake equation is simply a way of chopping up our ignorance, stuffing it into a mathematical meat grinder and making a sausage-guess.” What is the Drake equation, you ask?
. . .

An equation needs certainty, Sutter argues. Without some grasp on precision with the factors in the equation, it becomes useless, no better than a wild guess. The equations of physics deal with measurable factors that can be ascertained often to many decimal points of precision. How do you specify the uncertainty in some of Drake’s factors?
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