Christian Textbooks — Not Entirely

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Whether homeschooling or at Christian schools, parents and administrators who believe in biblical creation need to be careful of textbooks. Just because it has the name "Christian" is no guarantee of actual Christian content.
School Teacher by Jan Steen, 1668
Many Christian parents do not want their children attending the state-run indoctrination centers (often called "schools"), so they opt for alternatives. Those of us who reject evolution and millions of years because of both theology and science do not want to deprogram children and teach them the truth. After all, the government has control of them for several hours a day most of the year. Anti-creationists get furious when we undermine their indoctrination that is, in many cases, falsely called education.

Christian schools? Possibly, if they are affordable. Unfortunately, having Christian in the name does not guarantee Bible-believing content.

How about homeschooling? That is actually a very old method of instruction, but secularists keep a close watch on attendance and educational materials. Ironically, people who criticize homeschooling parents as "fundamentalists" (using it as an emotive epithet) often do not know what a fundamentalist really is. Also, homeschooling was popular with leftists before Christians began partaking; they wanted to fight The Establishment, man! Now those people are the establishment. (To borrow a line from Blue Öyster Cult, "I am the one you warned me of". Well, they are!) Also, fundamentalism has not been especially friendly to biblical creation!

So anyway. Christians must be careful about the textbooks they select. Sure, we can use secular books and then provide better information when the textbooks get highfalutin about origins and leftist ideas, but wouldn't it be better to simply use Christian textbooks? Not necessarily.  

Again, just because something has the word "Christian" on it is no guarantee that is good to use. Many publishers, music distributors, and so on are owned by secular companies. Not only do they want to make a few grotzits, but many support leftist and other anti-Christian causes. This is why you find formerly reliable Christian publishers releasing drek that needs to be analyzed and refuted by people who actually believe the Bible.
It is no secret that evolutionary teaching and the religion of naturalism run rampant in public education. The idea that life has been evolving on earth for millions of years is taught as fact from the earliest ages. Kindergarteners are taught that dinosaurs never lived with man, and high school biology courses teach that we evolved from single-celled organisms. What is the solution for parents who strongly disagree?

For many, the plan is to homeschool their kids from kindergarten through senior high and then send them to a Christian college.

Easy enough, right?

Not quite.

Christian parents have good intentions. Unfortunately, the reality is that Christian curricula and colleges that teach a literal 6-day creation around 6,000 years ago are the exception, not the norm.
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