British Evolution Indoctrination as Education

There was a time when educational institutions were places of learning, and for preparing young people to deal with the challenges of the world. Students were taught critical thinking and logic, and even how to present a strong debate. Not any longer.

Students in the UK are being subjected to additional evolutionary indoctrination. They are also being taught poor reasoning skills for the purpose of promoting Darwinism.

If a cowboy was to look at only the horses in one corral and claim that he has found the best horse in the whole wide world, that would be silly. Suppose he checked out the occupants of three corrals and made the same claim. Also silly. He might have a valid claim if he said, "I have examined the horses in three corrals, and the best one is that one over there." That's quite a bit more reasonable because he limited his claim and increased the amount of information that he had to work with.

Biblical creationists (and a few others) lament how modern education does not do well in teaching critical thinking; creationists still try to teach people how to think, while secularists tell people what to think. We have seen before that censorship of creation science in UK schools has been increasing. Now they are making claims of teaching critical thinking in regards to evolution.

However, students are being taught circular reasoning and to draw only from specific evolutionary information sources. That's not education, old son, that's indoctrination. (I get to wondering which evolutionary views they are using, since not all evolutionists are in agreement.) There are people who do not realize that Darwin's acolytes often scrap like junkyard dogs over scraps of raw meat. They are also unaware that creation science not only exists, but creation scientists have far more plausible models for speciation, the age of the earth, genetics, logic, morality, and so on. This is another reason that Question Evolution Day is so important. 

Students cannot be trained in logic or science the way it is pushed in the formerly Great Britain. It is like living with the telescreens in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.
With new methods and materials, UK teachers will be promoting Darwinism on Grade 5-6 students.

Good news: The UK has developed curricular materials for teaching evolution that include argumentation.

Bad news: The only arguments allowed will be Darwinian arguments, aimed at correcting students’ misunderstandings of evolution.

This is a bit like a teacher directing students to believe that fish sticks are better than fish spheres or fish cubes in the cafeteria—fish being the only food on the menu. Only the shape of the fish will matter; students will never be exposed to the existence of beef or chicken. The DODO curriculum will be all evolution, all the time. And it will be all Darwinian evolution at that.
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