The Genesis Flood and Expanding Fossil Ranges

Fanciers of minerals-to-microbiologist evolution often erroneously claim that the fossils prove evolution. Quite often, those owlhoots are unaware that the sanitized version of evolution that they are peddling is erroneous, and they end up being schooled by knowledgeable creationists. Fossil ranges are expanding, which causes considerable consternation up at the Darwin Ranch.

More fossils are out of place, prompting secular geologists to expand fossil ranges and make excuses of "stasis" of living fossils. What is found fits with creation science expectations.
Bandicoot image credit: Pixabay/Siggy Nowak
Darwinoids ineffectively evosplain how fossils are out of order. In addition, they have to cowboy up to the embarrassment of living fossils (something was thought to have been extinct for a few million Darwin years but is found alive, well, and mostly unchanged). They use the transparent excuse of "stasis", which flies in the face of evolutionary dogma.

As biblical creationists will tell you, there is some semblance of order in the geological column. but it does not support evolutionary concepts or an old earth. Indeed, we are not surprised by fossils that are recalcitrant to the order required by evolutionists, nor are we bothered by living fossils. Evolutionists have to rewrite their dogma when the fossil ranges expand, but it's their misfortune and none of our own. Yippie ky yay, secularists!
For the last few decades, several creationists have been reporting on the vertical expansion of fossil ranges, interpreted as either ‘older’ or ‘younger’ in the geological column timescale. These finds are probably the tip of the iceberg, since we cannot go through all the relevant journals that would report range expansions. In fact, many of these issues likely go unreported because many ‘anomalous’ or ‘uninteresting’ fossils end up in the back shelves of museum collections, as Dr Carl Werner has discovered. As such, it is hard to know just how large the scale of this phenomenon is, though it is almost certainly more severe than reported in any literature, secular or creationist.
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