Algae Makes Evolutionists See Red

If someone keeps records, then those records should be orderly and reliable for reference. Believers in universal common ancestor evolution rely on the fossil record because they believe it shows an orderly progression from simple to complex life forms. This is not the case, and red algae is yet another frustration.

Red algae has created a big problem for evolutionists. It is not only a living fossil, but has been found in inconvenient places in the strata.
Limespot butterflyfish, with  soft coral and coralline red algae image credit: Derek Keats (CC by 2.0)
This stuff is important for coral reefs, and was given an age by evolutionists. Coralline red algae fossils were alleged to be over 400 million Darwin years old — much older than previously thought. Also, the fossils are just like the algae that live today. When something disappears, then reappears, they hijack a biblical reference and call it the Lazarus Effect. (This may be another name for ghost lineages.) Evolutionists have no explanation, but the Genesis Flood is the real explanation for (out-of-place)  and living fossils.
Red algae form one of the main components of coral reefs and were originally thought to have appeared on Earth during the middle of the Cretaceous system about 100 million years ago. At least that’s what the standard evolutionary story claimed until the same type of fossils were just discovered in Silurian system rocks they dated at about 430 million years. This is a whopping readjustment of the ever-flexible evolutionary story by over 300 million years. For a secular paleontologist, this would be roughly equivalent to finding a Jurassic dinosaur fossil in the Cambrian. 
The Great Barrier Reef off the east coast of Australia, and nearly every other large reef across the world, owe their massive bulk of biomass in large part to a type of red algae that grows on and strengthens the corals. The algae stimulate and enhance reef growth by attracting coral larvae to the growing reef—serving as a source of food for these and other reef animals. 
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