Gender Differences, Science, and the Bible

Years ago, I was involved in online groups that supposedly promoted manliness. Questions arose as to what made a man a man, and was based on our activities. Some men wanted to go back to the old days of shaving with the blades and styles that granddad happily rejected in favor of more modern razors. Others talks about sports, automobile engines, books and movies men should experience, and so on. By their criteria, I am not much of a man. Add to the confusion is that women joined the groups and enjoyed many of the things that men like.

It is not news that our Creator made us different, but the secular science establishment is both verifying those differences and supporting political movements.
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Supposedly, science is about the search for knowledge. It is a tool for determining how our Creator designed things, how they work, to make predictions, and so forth. Unfortunately, the secular science industry is riding for the politically correct brand, which is clearly seen when used regarding gender confusion. These same people also demonstrate what we already know: there are differences between men and women. Those difference are important.

Here, are three articles for your edification. First, the public has a strange relationship with science, a mix of adoration and suspicion. The adoration is misplaced because scientists are human, subject to the same vices as the rest of us, and that affects their judgment. However, the adoration is also earned because scientists come up with some wonderful things. Suspicion is justified because scientists are agenda- and finance-driven, and they are also involved in politically correct movements. This is especially noteworthy with trends in gender choices and confusion. Here is the beginning of the first article:
Political correctness has invaded one of the most clear observational facts about humans: we come in male and female forms. One of the PC strategies has been to divorce sex and gender. Rather than helping the tiny fraction who have ambiguous genes, or counseling those with gender dysphoria to cope with their feelings, the PC police expect all of society to change. Everyone must now use gender-neutral terms, learn new invented phrases like “gender fluidity,” build gender-neutral bathrooms, avoid using ‘sexist’ terms like’ men and women’ or ‘boys and girls,’ and say they are in favor of sex reassignment surgery—even on young children. Failure to jump on this latest cultural bandwagon brands non-cooperators ‘haters’ who must be punished. Totalitarians that they are, PC police will not tolerate disagreement. Some who don’t go along have already lost their jobs, even when they attempted respectful forms of accommodation.
To read that one in its entirety, click on "Gender PC Tugs at Scientific Objectivity". Next, we see that the very real, scientifically verified differences are indeed important. In fact, the differences are hardwired between males and females, but not just humans.

People who are striving for "equality" are missing the point. Not only are we created in God's image (Genesis 1:27), we are different from each other. That does not mean one sex is superior to the other. Yes, women have been in oppressive cultures, but many people don't realize that many cultures — including in the western world — have given women preferential status in many ways. You don't hear much about that because of political and cultural correctness, but it does exist. One sex is not "better" than the other, you savvy that?

Secularists tend to have their views tainted by evolutionary thinking and thereby rejecting the Creator. If they humbled themselves and read the Book he gave us, they would see that God treats women higher than they are treated in cultures, ancient and modern. Let's begin the second article:
Efforts to enforce “equality” between the sexes can go awry with fake science, and consequences can be severe.
Clueless politicians, devoid of common sense and drunk on political correctness, try to pretend that genders are socially constructed. Some scientists go along with the fad . . . but others use their eyes to observe the obvious.
To finish reading and learning, click on "Male-Female Differences Matter".

The final article tells us more about the differences between sexes that are built in and necessary for our development. This is not only in our development during our time living within our mothers, but in our growth afterward.
Male-female differences are a matter of science fact, not political ideology.

Perhaps no political movement has become more anti-science (other than the neo-flat-earth) than the idea of “gender fluidity,” the notion that people can choose whether to act male or female. Their bodies, genes and brains say otherwise.
To read the rest, click on "More Science Behind Gender Differences". As for the remarks I made at the beginning of the post, there are no real established standards for "manliness". The posts and comments were subjective and based on personal preferences. Despite current trends of confusion and making up "reality" that is anti-science and in opposition to our Creator's design, there is a spectrum of behaviors for both men and women. When I was reading the manliness material, I was never confused that I was a man trapped in a woman's body; that was true for nine months, then I was born. (That observation is not original with me.) We are fulfilled when we learn and follow God's plan and are not rebelling against it.

EDIT: You may also like this sermon by Adrian Rogers, "Celebrate the Difference". Since Pastor Rogers died in 2005, some of the science facts may be doubtful, but the overall focus of the message is still on-target. The video is here, and you can download the MP3 or listen online here.