No Hope for Finding Alien Life

People have been wondering for ages if there is intelligent life around other stars. One of the most common speculations is that since there are so many stars out yonder, there must be creatures living on them. The more scientists learn, the hope of finding alien life dwindles. 

The search for extraterrestrial life continues, but there is really no hope for finding it. There are three major tests.
Credit: RGBStock / Phil Edon
The main impetus for finding extraterrestrials is based on evolution. Secularists presume evolution must have happened, but they cannot explain the origin of life on Earth without the Creator.

First of all, the number of planets is a guess. A few thousand have been found, but things get complicated. They have to be in the habitable (or "Goldilicks") zone where everything is just right as far as size and distance from the stars. Several planets have been considered. However, the stars they orbit tend to be mighty ornery cusses and the planets are of the wrong composition. Gas giants are out of the question. Many factors come together that require exoplanets to be earthlike, and that's not happening. 

Some folks think that it's "lonely" to be the only planet that God created to be inhabited. How about getting acquainted with some of the billions of people right here? We're created in God's image, after all, so we should find something in common to talk about.
Nearly everyone has contemplated this question, including many serious scientists. But after spending billions of dollars and devoting whole careers to the search, scientists refuse to admit there is no evidence.
The problem isn’t a lack of data—we’re awash in it. And the problem is not that we don’t have any good tests. Several great scientific minds have already suggested some solid ways to test for the existence of extraterrestrial life.
Let’s examine the three most famous tests, and we’ll discover that something more than cold, hard science is preventing them from reaching the logical answer.
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