Those Sophisticated Neanderthals

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There was a time when Neanderthals were considered partly-evolved cavemen, a link to our simian ancestry. Scientists caught up to what biblical creationists have said for decades: Neanderthals were fully human just like us. Evidence continued to mount that showed how they were not only human, but intelligent. Now we learn that they were rather sophisticated!

Though some people still think that Neanderthals were stupid brutes in our path to evolution. Instead, they were intelligent humans who lived far more recently than evolutionists  want to admit.
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Neanderthals were creative and intelligent and fully human. Some scientists were skeptical that there was evidence proving they were the ones who did those high-quality cave wall paintings. While it seems obvious, study on it a spell. Nobody saw them doing the painting, and they could have taken over furnished caves or shared them with Denisovans and modern humans. Nope. Now it is believed the Neanderthals did the painting. This may have been put aside for a spell since they apparently had a proclivity toward sexual promiscuity — like modern humans.

They also had culinary skills (the smells were still in the caves, unlikely after all those Darwin years, huh?) and seemed to be a bit on the intellectual side. I can imagine them having discussions after dinner. Maybe they were discussing how people could get the notion that life came from non-life and evolved upward, and how people could reject the Creator. Then they'd laugh and see if there was any leftover mammoth steak. 

These people were fully human, and do not support Darwin's ideas. Instead, their ancient presence supports recent special creation. They were sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, just like us.
Actually they are not evolving, but our picture of them is. Drastically. Science has moved the picture of Neanderthals from our primitive brutish less evolved evolutionary ancestors to the typical family next door. The latest study concluded they were “people who liked nothing better than spending time indoors around the fire . . .  and having friends over for dinner.” A report in Science wrote “Once seen as brute cavemen, Neandertals have gained stature as examples of sophisticated technology and behavior have turned up in their former territory across Europe.”
A home is important because, as Matt Pope, an archaeologist at University College London, argues, home  “marked a critical threshold in the long march towards civilization. . . . a conceptual leap that shaped the way our ancestors thought and interacted.” For most of prehistory, the assumed time before we have written records, no evidence exists of human presence in caves or even rock shelters.
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