Atheism and Fundamentalist Evolution

While you do not have to be an atheist to believe in fish-to-fool evolutionism, it helps. Some owlhoots think they can merge the Bible and evolution (giving evolution precedence), but this is folly. The religion of atheism requires biological, chemical, cosmic, and other evolution concepts for its mythology of origins. These, in turn, require deep time, which necessitates the defenestration of logic and science. In reality, evolutionism is intended to be a replacement for God.

Evolution is incompatible with Christianity by its nature. In fact, fundamentalist evolutionists require atheism.
Original image: Pixabay/Peter Fischer
Back in 2005 at the "Dover Trial", a judge ruled that evolution is "good science" and does not conflict with religion. This remark got evolutionists on the prod. It is interesting that atheopaths believe this ruling in a backwater borough by an incompetent, coached, biased judge somehow proves that the Intelligent Design movement is creation science in disguise. The ruling has no effect on anyone else. Meanwhile, when we point out that the US Supreme Court and others have ruled that atheism is a religion, well, those judges don't know what they're talking about. Don't you know who they are? They're atheists. Two standards, no waiting. But I digress.

Anyway, some atheist evolutionists were angry at remarks in the Dover ruling. In fact, advocates of evolution reject any kind of intelligent design or purpose (except when they invoke it their ownselves). Indeed, a retraction was issued for an evolutionary paper that dared to use the word creator. Oh, horror! Katie, bar the door! Just try to doubt Darwin and see how far you get before fundamentalist evolutionists slap you down. We can cheer on the rebels who doubt Darwin. Perhaps they will have fewer shackles on their minds when presented with the truth of Creation.
A common claim is that no conflict exists between modern neo-Darwinism and orthodox biblical Christianity. The conclusions of many of the most eminent biologists today and a major study of leading biologists were reviewed, finding that they strongly disagree with the non-conflict hypothesis.
To read the article (you can also download a PDF version), click on "Why Orthodox Darwinism Demands Atheism".