You Cannot Find It If You Do Not Look

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

It has been said that an atheist cannot find God for the same reason that a thief cannot find a police officer. In a similar way, atheists, evolutionists, and other believers in an old earth cannot see evidence for biblical creation and the young earth because they are unwilling to look for it. I know of some tinhorns who were ridiculing a biblical creation science conference that was going to be happening in their area. One said that he knows what they're going to say

People can search for the truth of creation and the existence of God, but they have to be willing to be honestly willing to look. It is not just about evidence.
Credit: Freeimages / Will Thomas

In another instance, I was included in spam mailings and responses where an owlhoot was promoting his Bible-denying articles. Someone sent him a passel of links to which he responded, "I haven’’t [sic] got time to read your twaddle". (Ironically, the sender was another biblical creation science denier, and the recipient was too bigoted to find out for himself, hence the unthinking reaction.)

One of the atheopath mantras conjured up by Clinton Richard Dawkins tells us that things only appear designed, but that is false. From these and other observations, I am persuaded that people simply do not want to examine evidence that is contrary to their presuppositions. After all, to see the design and then deny it is quite foolish, old son.

In the article linked below, Duane Caldwell discusses how people do not want to even look for evidence of intelligent design or the existence of God. The above examples as well as his article support what I have stated for quite a spell now: it is not a matter of evidence, it is a spiritual problem. Materialists deny spiritual matters, and this includes the spiritual nature of man (even though scientists contradict their worldviews by trying to find intangible things like the soul and consciousness). The evidence clearly indicates that God created everything recently and there was a global Flood — which is described in Genesis.

Mr. Caldwell discusses Intelligent Design (the movement itself, not just design arguments that biblical creationists and ID advocates use). However, we both agree that ID does not go far enough. Antony Flew left atheism and became a Deist because of the evidence. Unfortunately, he was probably eternally lost because evidence alone does not provide salvation in Jesus Christ. I wonder if he bothered to look for the truth.
I recently read an article by Jonathan Witt –  science writer and co-author of Heretic: One Scientist’s Journey from Darwin to Design which describes bioengineer Matti Leisola’s (the other co-author) gradual rejection of Darwinism and embrace of intelligent design. In his article titled “A Father, an Atheist Son, and a Darwin Heretic” Witt describes the attempt of a father to get his son – a scientist and an atheist – to consider the claims of intelligent design by reading Witt’s and Leisola’s book Heretic.
The son rejects even reading the book with a number of excuses:
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