Detecting Baloney in Natural Selection

There is a popular cold cut product in these here United States that is popular for lunches. While it is not my first choice, baloney (Brits call it polony) is okay when it is fried up. The stuff is made of scraps of beef, pork, chicken, or whatever, then seasoned, cooked, and packaged. The word is also an exclamation of disbelief.

Baloney is a meat product and also an exclamation of disbelief. Creationists can learn to use baloney detectors when evolutionists trot out their natural selection silliness pawned off as science.
Cropped from Pixabay / Erad
Ever have someone describe something you said or wrote as baloney? Seems like when people say it with enthusiasm, some bark it out like three short words. Apparently it has been mostly replaced by something more profane involving cattle.) Mayhaps the ingredients of the sausage food product inspired the exclamation.

Biblical creationists who keep up with material on the origins controversy tend to develop an eye for faulty science. It is mighty helpful to learn to spot logical fallacies, watch for arbitrary assertions, just-so stories without substance, piles upon piles of unsubstantiated conjectures, and that sort of thing. Especially in what is considered natural selection.

It's not very difficult to see when the hands at the Darwin Ranch are dealing from the bottom of the deck and cheating in other ways when reading the popular science press, but what about the advanced material? Mr. Coppedge wants to have us engage our baloney detectors and gives us some examples of Creator-denying foolishness pawned off as "science". See "Graduate Level Baloney Detecting About Natural Selection".