Male Reproductive System Puzzles Evolutionists

This post contains some direct material, but it is biological, not salacious. We have seen how Darwinists make claims that something is "poorly designed", therefore, evolution. (This is self-defeating, because chance cannot produce something better that the subjects they question.) Their claims are refuted upon examination. We can add the male reproductive system to the list.

Evolutionists suggest that several things that they consider to be poorly designed. These claims are refuted. Another one to add is the design of the male reproductive system.
Credit: Freeimages/Erik Araujo
I could say that I have no complaints, and have children to prove that it works. People who know about logical fallacies should be able to see how that one is wrong, and the same bad reasoning has been used to support evolution.

One secularist complaint is that since testicles are outside the body and not on the inside (such as with reptiles), this is bad design. That is a very superficial "argument" based on opinion, not scientific facts. Naturalists have made bland assertions about things like "junk" DNA, vestigial organs/structures, and more because they argued from their presuppositions instead of bothering to do serious investigation.

Evolutionists are unable to present anything reasonable about the origin of sexual reproduction and the location of the organs, so they use the tried 'n' true scientific method of Making Things Up™. Upon examination, we can see that our Creator knew what he was doing, as always, and the design makes sense; everything is in place for a reason, and functions quite well.
One of the latest proofs of human evolution is the poor design claim, namely that an intelligent Creator would not design some human body part in a certain way. An example is the human male reproductive system, which Rowe listed as number four in his list of the top 10 design flaws in the human body. The human male reproductive system poor design claim focuses on the view that “if testicles were designed”, then why didn’t God “protect them better. Couldn’t the Designer have put them inside the body, or encased them in bone” like the brain which is surrounded by a hard skull?
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