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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Modern Evolutionary Racism

Although Darwinists try to distance themselves from the racism inherent in evolution, they still use racist and evolutionary assumptions in their research.

Darwinists try to distance themselves (or even deny) the racism in evolution, although that is well established. So what do evolutionary anthropologists do? Use more racism in their "research". The basic presuppositions are that evolution itself is a fact, and certain ethnic groups are less evolved than white people. In this case, the logic goes further downhill.
A case of scientific racism? An anthropologist studied living Kalahari Bushmen for clues to the evolution of cognition.

Human beings are long, long past any evolutionary stage anthropologists could claim they were going through 400,000 years ago when our ancestors allegedly learned to control fire. (Michael Balter in Nature asserts that date, even though evidence of cooking goes back millions of years in the evolutionary timeline; 6/17/09.) So what are anthropologists doing listening to the campfire stories of living tribesmen to draw inferences about our evolutionary past?
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