DNA Entropy Studies Show Recent Creation

The basic concept of microbes-to-microbiologist evolution in humans is that we improved over time, and that we're still improving. Problem is, that's simply not true. I keep saying that DNA studies are no friend of evolutionary theory, and scientists are finding evidence of genetic degradation. It's interesting that secular scientists, using deep time assumptions, get diversification in humanity that charts to about the time of the dispersal after the Genesis Flood. Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson studied mutation rates in mitochondrial DNA and the results show a recent creation. All results show that humanity cannot last forever, and will become extinct from mutations.
Many creationists believe that the bulk of scientific evidence for a recent creation comes from the fields of geology, physics, and astronomy and that biology and genetics have little to contribute. However, data that confirm a young creation are rapidly emerging from genetic studies performed by both creationist and secular scientists.

One of the most important finds in recent years came from modeling the accumulation of mutations (genetic code errors) in the human genome over time using computer simulations. Researchers found that this buildup of mutations can only reach a certain level before the genome completely deteriorates and humans go extinct. This process of degradation, called genetic entropy, fits perfectly with a recent creation of six to ten thousand years ago.
You can read the rest by clicking on "Genetic Entropy Points to a Young Creation". And if you have a mind to, I have something I was speculating on that I want to share below, just for what it's worth.

Some people take Genesis 2.17 as a lie from God because he said to Adam, "In the day you eat from it, you shall surely die". The Hebrew construction is tricky and has the word "die" twice. "You shall surely die" is one way to translate it, but it also renders, "Dying you shall die". That is, the dying process began, and we clearly see that Adam did not live forever, but did live for a long time.

That's established, here's me speculating some theology with a dash of science: "Adam" was not only the name of the first man, created "very good", but he was the father of humanity. He was also the federal head of mankind, and sin entered the world through him (Romans 5:17). Maybe we can extend this federal headship into physical science. Isn't it possible that God had an extra meaning in there? Not only did Adam himself begin the dying process, but humanity itself began the dying process. Just an idea, but I'll let better minds cognate on that.