Attempting to Direct Evolution

It becomes very difficult to take Darwin's acolytes seriously when they contradict themselves about their own foundations. Most of us know that evolution is supposed to be without purpose or direction, then its purveyors tell us that they have controlled evolution. That is an oxymoron.

Some researchers have interesting and useful results, then call it directed evolution. That is an oxymoron. They intelligently designed their research.
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Some very interesting research was conducted. Dr. Frances Arnold added random genes into peptides until she obtained the desired results that were useful. In another instance, Dr. George Smith worked on bacteriaphages, and Dr. Gregory Winter build on that work in pharmaceutical products and gave the world the drug Humera. They called it directed evolution, but true evolution does not take direction well.

Some folks seem to think that it's not science if research is not sanctified by the word evolution somewhere. Perhaps they burn a prayer candle with Darwin's picture on it. In reality, what they did was intelligently design and modify things, and evolution was not involved.. Our Creator gave us minds to use to help us improve life on this planet that he provided us with. The least they could do is give him some credit.
Directed evolution (hereafter called DE) is a method to design proteins (and enzymes) with desirable functions. The researcher generates random mutations in the gene of interest. Directed evolution is a form of artificial selection imposing selection and screening methodologies by the researcher to identify proteins with optimized functionality, including genetic diversity, binding, catalytic properties, thermal and environmental stability. In other words, the researcher’s intelligently designed goal is to get a protein or enzyme to do a new specific task, or to do one which it already does faster or more efficiently.
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