More Whopper Sand and the Genesis Flood

Secular geologists, probably eating hamburgers, pondering "Whopper Sand" and rescuing devices they can employ. Whopper Sand cannot be adequately explained through uniformitarian concepts, and are best explained by creation science Genesis Flood models. Here are two more problems for them.

Not only is the Whopper Sand frustrating to secular geologists who cannot explain it away, a similar area has been found.
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This child occasionally wonders if people who are going about their business get a mite irritated when science folks swoop down on their activities. Oil companies found resources in areas that deep time proponents think shouldn't be there. The layers are very thick, too.
Another major oil discovery in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico has been recently announced. Equinor, a Norwegian-based oil company, and partners Progress Resources USA Ltd. and Repsol E&P USA Inc. made the proclamation last week. This is another well that appears to have found mysterious sands, such as the Whopper Sand found previously in the deep waters of the Gulf.
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Unexpectedly, major oil companies have found new resources in sand layers that should not be there. Uniformitarian scientists still cannot explain how thick Paleogene sands could reach these water depths or even these distances offshore. But drilling proves again and again that these sands are thicker and more extensive than geologists ever imagined.
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The Whopper Sand thing has been baffling secular scientists for quite a while, and a recent ad hoc attempt to explain them is based on speculations that are contrary to observable science. The best explanation can be seen with creation science Flood geology, which has abundant evidence — despite nay-sayers who refuse to honestly consider it.

Recently, Joshua Rosenfeld made a new attempt to explain an ongoing conundrum in secular geology.1 Although a mystery to those holding to a uniformitarian worldview, it is easily solved by accepting the reality of the global Flood.
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It is well accepted in secular geology that thick pure sands cannot be transported out to sea this far (200-plus miles). Geologists have found some channelized (river-like) sands and turbidite deposits and some gravels in the distal and deeper parts of the Mississippi Delta. But these deposits are thin and were likely caused by about a 300-foot drop in sea level during the Ice Age.
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