Our Good-Natured Sun

The sun is the main cause of global warming, as we all should know. It makes things hot and a trip in the desert can be mighty unpleasant. Science articles tell us about all the explosive energy going on within, but if the sun were a living thing, it would have a good nature when compared to its peers.

Secular astronomers have no idea why our sun does not act up like others of its kind. Creationists have answers if secularists want to listen.
Credit: GoodFreePhotos
Similar stars get rowdy, staying out late at night, disrespecting its parents — okay, bad analogies. But other stars can be ill-tempered in comparison with our own ball of fire. We can expect stars of different categories to be far more active, and any planet orbiting one could not have life on it. Even our own has the capability to wipe out life on Earth, but we have the assistance of Earth's magnetic field. Why doesn't it? Mayhaps its because our Creator formed the earth to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18), which is something that materialists cannot begin to comprehend because of their paradigms. And they have no reasonable alternative explanations.
The unique nature of the sun is causing many experts to scratch their heads.
Extensive studies show that most sun-like stars demonstrate about five times the magnetic activity of our sun. Others reveal that the stars most similar to our sun vary in brightness about twelve times more than the sun in a given solar cycle.
In other words, the sun in our solar system is much more stable than other similar stars.
Why does this matter? New York Times writer Adam Mann describes what would happen if the magnetic activity of the sun were intensified like we see in other stars:
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