Evolutionists Joyfully Celebrating Indoctrination

Like any skilled totalitarian knows, it is vitally important to control broadcast, social media, the press, the courts, and so on. Free speech is a pretense, where it is supported — but only when approved sentiments are uttered. From there, the Ministry of Truth indoctrinates people through propaganda. Evolutionary propaganda is becoming increasingly successful.

Elitist evolutionists are gleeful about gaining ground in promoting their views. However, they are not successful because of evidence and logic.
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Darwin's disciples in the secular science industry and academia are smarter than we are, even though they think we evolved from the same primordial slime. Just ask them. So, they get to decide what people think. (Not that they want to teach people how to think, just what to think.) They are gleeful about their victories — but they are not winning because of convincing evidence and devastating logic, but through activist judges and legislation that favors the worldview of atheistic naturalism.

It is interesting that many scientists and academicians simply assume evolution because that's all they've been taught, and they do their jobs with little or no homage to Darwin. Others reject evolution, but because of pressures of naturalists, lose their jobs or clam up about their creation beliefs.

There are still many people outside of the elitist circles who have the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to reject evolution not only on theological grounds, but on scientific grounds as well. Unfortunately, many professing creationists don't bother to actually learn the material. When an atheist or evolutionist who has learned the talking points, the creationist gets trounced. Guess clicking "Like" on captioned pictures didn't do so much for you, huh? 

Showdowns between creation scientists and evolutionary scientists are very few, because the evidence is on our side. In fact, atheopaths are ornery cusses when dealing with informed creationists who call them out on bad logic and fake evolutionary news. Creation science information ministries like the one you're looking at right now exist to equip Christians and creationists with not only evidence, but logical thinking and valid theology. This site also links to several other biblical creation science sites to help equip you.
Anti-creationists correctly state that few average creationists or intelligent design supporters can defend their belief. Pair one with a well-informed evolutionist and he or she will often lose the debate. In my experience, though, the average evolutionist likewise cannot defend his or her worldview. They just “know” evolution is true, but unless they undertake a long-term detailed study of the problems of evolution, or unless their career specialization concerns evolution, most scientists have little in-depth knowledge of the problems with evolution.
This assessment appears to apply to the author of the paper reviewed here published in Nature. Nonetheless, evolution prevails in government schools. The author of a new article in Nature, Ann Reid, boasts:
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