Cats and Darwinists Getting High

Years ago, I remember a cat having a great time with catnip. While she was getting a buzz, sirens began sounding outside. She looked out the window, so I did what I call a "voice over" impression of Tommy Chong, "They're coming after my stash, man!" Darwin's disciples seem to have a narcotic of their own.

Catnip gets many cats high for a while. Darwin's corrupted version of natural selection seems to get his disciples high as well as addicted.
Our departed, beloved Basement Cat grooving on the nip
Catnip affects many cats and does not cause addiction. The only minor hazard is if they eat too much, then they give it back to the carpet. So, don't overdo it.

Pay attention to evolutionists who talk about natural selection (Darwin's corrupted version, not real natural selection). It seems to this child that they get high, have irrational thinking processes, and get addicted. They need to seek therapy in the truth of creation and the Word of the Creator.

Slapping the word evolution on something seems to give it extra credibility in the secular science industry, and Darwinian natural selection seems to be the drug of choice, even beyond peyote buttons. David Coppedge made the comparison between natural selection and catnip when examining the evoporn writings about catnip and other non-science writings. You can examine these hallucinations by clicking on "Natural Selection Is Catnip to Darwinians".