Old Rivers on Mars, Maybe

Several decades ago, astronomers believed that there were canals on Mars. Sure there were, as any Martian that has reached the age of 1,000 years knows about the pilgrimage down the River Iss. Fantasy aside, scientists decided that there were no canals or rivers there. Wait, they changed their minds again.

Scientists get the age of the earth wrong and deny the Genesis Flood, but think they can tell us when dry Mars was catastrophically flooded.
Credit: NASA / JPL / USGS
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An area on Mars that has been known to astronomers for quite a while is called the Hellas Planitia. ("Hellas" means Greece, but it doesn't look Greek to me. Planitia is a tricky way of saying plane area.) Some owlhoots think they can determine information about water and catastrophic flooding on Mars. Interesting that Earth is full of water, but secular geologists deny thousands of articles, numerous scholarly publications, books, videos, and so on that give evidence for the Flood. But it's okay to claim that dry, dustbowl Mars was flooded. I wonder if they've been into the peyote buttons. 

Also, there are presumptions as to when there was water. However, everything involves fundamentally flawed assumptions about dating. That stuff won't work on our young Earth except to fundamentalist deep-time enthusiasts and evolutionists, and there is no real reason assumptions about dates will be anywhere near accurate on Mars. If they can give sufficient evidence that there was a great amount of water on Mars, that would indeed be interesting.
Geologists have used high-resolution images obtained by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to infer the existence of past rivers on the Martian surface. . . .
Geologists and planetary scientists have long believed that liquid water existed on Mars in the past, and that Mars even shows evidence of catastrophic flooding. However, the team of scientists said this is the first time that they have been able to infer the date and duration for which this river system existed. They said this river system flowed for hundreds of thousands of years about 3.7 billion years ago.
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