Dinosaur Bones Discovered in Ireland

A long-lasting case of anti-Irish discrimination has been put to rest, this time because they have some dinosaur bones to call their own. (Of course, it was not actual bigotry, just the way things happened.) Ireland can join the "We have dinosaurs" club. This was another instance of scientists essentially saying, "Let's give those things another look-see now that we have better equipment than when they were first discovered". It was concluded that they had a Megalosaurus and a Scelidosaurus.

Dad joke dog about how Ireland can join the dinosaur fossil club due to advances in technology. They were found in marine rocks, and secular ad hoc excuses ignore details.
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These critters were found in marine rocks. Yeah, so? The Emerald Isle has a lot of sedimentary rocks, you know. Dinosaur bones and fully permineralized fossils are frequently found in those rocks. Secular ad hoc excuses may be satisfying for people who are already committed to uniformitarianism, but thinking people realize that the "swept out to sea, then buried" idea is a massive failure that ignores scientific processes. What does explain observed information, however, is the catastrophic global Flood at the time of Noah.

Most of Ireland has sedimentary rocks that were deposited either above or below the typical dinosaur-bearing rocks, and these layers are known as Mesozoic strata. In Northern Ireland, the few rocks within the dinosaur-bearing level were previously overlooked because they were deposited in an ocean setting. And dinosaurs didn’t live in the ocean. So, how did these dinosaur bones get here?

The fossils were discovered by a local schoolteacher from County Antrim in the 1980s. But they were never confirmed as dinosaur bones. It wasn’t until after the fossils were analyzed using high-resolution 3-D models and studies of bone histology (thin slices of bone) that they were finally identified as true dinosaurs.

Irish you would read the entire article by going over to "Ireland’s First Dinosaur Bones Found in Flood Rocks". It would have been fun to know about this report before March 17, but whaddya gonna do?