Two Creation Facts Observed in the Everglades

The Florida Everglades is a huge part of southern Florida. In fact, the ecosystem there is unique and it is a national park, what with the state being a peninsula and all. It is not the kind of place for a greenhorn to go stomping around without an expert guide.

Of course, people expect to see alligators and such, but there are other critters to prompt everyone to stay alert. We have a couple of, "See? The Bible told us so!" moments that involve cats and snakes.

Everglades is a large US national park and has a unique ecosystem. Two critters that live there provide examples of, "See? The Bible told us so!"
Credit: USFWS / Lavonda Walton (via Wikimedia Commons)
They got them some cougars! Pumas or panthers (pick a title you prefer) are the biggest cats in North America. While seen in many movies and shows set out West, subspecies are spread out. Sadly, the Florida cougars were on the road to extinction. They also go themselves some pythons! When hurricanes messed up pet stores and some got loose — well, with cougars and pythons, we see a Bible truth in action. Another truth seen in the Everglades is the intrusion of death into God's creation.
Imagine a river 50 miles wide and 100 miles long but only inches deep. Its slow flow is hidden under tall swamp grasses punctuated by small, rounded clumps of cypress. Home to gators and snakes, the portion of the Everglades preserved as Everglades National Park in south Florida is worth visiting during the day, but it’s perilous to pitch your tent there at night. . . .

As God commanded in Genesis 1, living kinds generate more of their own kinds. Each kind has its variations while sticking to its basic body design. For example, flowers maintain their essential identities even though their petals may display different colors.

Similarly, cats exhibit various coat patterns and body sizes, but they remain cats. Even cats with different body and coat types have the ability to interbreed in a continuum. For example, lions can cross with tigers and pumas with ocelots.

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