Evolutionists Sweating the Small Stuff

As I write this post, our area is having the warmest weather so far this year. Appropriate timing. Anyway, it is common knowledge that animals and people perspire as a means of cooling themselves in hot weather. Moisture comes out and then evaporates.

In high humidity, the moisture is unable to evaporate quickly, so sweating is obvious. I understand that in dry areas like Arizona, people can become dangerously dehydrated without knowing it. Physical activity such as sports cause us to sweat more. Stay hydrated, people!

Resemblances between humans and apes are superficial, but evolutionists try to find connections. Another difference is in sweat glands and genetics.
Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos / Serge Bertasius Photography
Believers in universal descent-with-modification keep insisting that humans and apes had a common ancestor way back yonder. I'll allow that there are superficial resemblances, but the important ones are exaggerated or even lied about (for example, human-chimp DNA similarities). The differences are greater than the similarities, testifying to the fact that God created us in his image. Strip away the storytelling, maybe, perhaps, my precious evolutions, and other "hard science" words, we can see that they really are making it up as they go along to further the narrative of naturalism.

Microscopic image of human sweat glands image credit: Wikimedia Commons / John Alan Elson (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Humans have far more sweat glands than apes. Because we're much less hairy, there must be some correlation. Yes, yes there is. Genetics. Our genes express themselves but are regulated by DNA. Using a wagon train-load of assumptions and presuppositions, originally good research was tainted by the old "Hail Darwin! Blessed be!" rhetoric. Some researchers seem to think that if there's no evolutionary assertions or storytelling, it's not sciency enough. No matter what stories they tell, God is still the Creator and evolution still fails.
The finding was an example of good science. In short, Kamberov et al., using mice, found the expression level of the Engrailed-1 gene (EN1) is important in determining eccrine gland density in mice.  The EN1 gene codes for a transcription factor protein that induces immature skin cells to form eccrine glands. The activity of most genes is regulated by DNA regions that up-regulate the gene’s expression. In this study, an enhancer region called hECE18 boosts EN1 production causing the development of more eccrine glands. . . . 

. . . 

One notices at the onset their dogmatic assertion that evolution explains the origin of this trait in humans. Evolutionists talk like they “know” the eccrine glands evolved from an organism with few eccrine glands which, in turn, evolved from an organism lacking eccrine glands. We just have to figure out, they suppose, how and when this happened. They also “know” that the increase in human eccrine gland number compared to our primate ancestors evolved.

Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things, or so they say. You can read the full article at "Human Sweat Glands Show Design".