Evolutionists Believe in Rafting and Luck

Misotheist C. Richard Dawkins and others tell us that our existence is a series of improbable events, and some actually go so far as to admit they believe that everything is the product of luck. However, believers in fish-to-fool evolution often make Evolution and Natural Selection into entities. This defeats how chance and randomness that were married up with time and mutations. It does not go well, especially since mutations are not so random after all. Then things get...truly bizarre.

Evolutionists believe in luck. While ignorant internet evolutionists ridicule creationists for the animal rafting concept, they use it too. And luck.
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Another interesting fact is how internet evolutionists ridicule creationists for the concept of animals rafting as part of the post-Flood dispersal. Knowledgeable people are aware that evolutionists have problems with animal distribution, and they also use the same concept as creationists! (Type "animal rafting" into a search engine and see your ownself.) In fact, luck and rafting are essential to biogeography and evolution. Remember, this kind of fact-free speculation is passed off as "science". Biblical creationists know that God designed life and for living things to spread, so we don't have to float nonsense and expect people to believe it.

Evolutionary theory requires rare improbable events, but stuff happens in millions of years, they say.

A recent book by Sean B. Carroll explicitly equates Darwinism to the Stuff Happens Law (SHL). In A Series of Fortunate Events (Princeton 2020) Carroll even labels the first section “Stuff Happens.” That is why we exist, he argues: we are the result of unplanned, propitious events that didn’t have to turn out the way they did.

Now, in an article on The Conversation, Nick Longrich from the University of Bath amplifies the case for chance in human origins. He says we wouldn’t be here unless monkeys from Africa found a way to cross the Atlantic Ocean on vegetation rafts. His article, “One incredible ocean crossing may have made human evolution possible,” states this openly:

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