Permian Problems and the Genesis Flood

Continuing the monthly series on how the fossil record is a hostile witness against particles-to-paleontologist evolution. For true believers things get...truly bizarre. Rocks that contain fossils are sedimentary, and there is a passel of fossils in the Permian strata. It should be pointed out (even though people already know this) is that there is not a line of demarcation between layers. Indeed, some layers are "missing" from assigned progressions.

Fossils in the Permian do not what evolutionary scientists expect, and are difficult to explain. Creation Science Genesis Flood models fit the data.

Secular scientists use rock layers as indicators of the age of the earth, expecting the fossils they contain to present simpler life forms to more complex. Also, since some life forms disappeared from their assigned strata, these scientist postulate mass extinction events.

Since they are locked into their erroneous presuppositions, they are constantly being amazed that fossils overlap in the "wrong" strata, that some reappear in higher-level strata — and that some creatures are still living today. The Permian layer is extremely recalcitrant to their belief system, and some are having dust-ups trying to explain what they observe. Some use the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™.

There were also some amazing and complex creatures that are no longer with us. Critters like the Edaphosaurus kind that look like they had sails on their backs lived then (but don't you dare call them dinosaurs, because Papa Darwin won't have it, what with them living a few million of his years earlier). Other puzzling creatures lived then as well, and had no precursors in the evolutionary record. That's because they were created, not evolved, old son.

If they would cowboy up and reexamine the evidence without their Darwin spectacles and look at creation science Genesis Flood models, things would start to make a lot more sense.

Permian rock layers contain several of the fossil record’s greatest evolutionary enigmas. These rocks are found directly above Carboniferous strata, which I explained in the previous two articles in this series. One enigma is the famous and hotly debated Permian-Triassic (P-T) mass extinction that included a dramatic shift in plant fossils, along with huge disappearances of marine life in the fossil record and, to a lesser degree, terrestrial creatures. 

The other enigma is the sudden appearance of a whole host of extinct strange creatures that defy evolutionary explanation, along with others that are still alive today. However, these mysteries dissolve away when we place these plants and animals within a global Flood model of burial by ecological zonation.

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