Legends of the Flood in the Western Hemisphere Part 3

We have been pondering legends of the Great Flood in the New World, beginning in the area of the continental formerly United States in Part 1, then we headed way up north in Part 2. This time, we will turn around and go down Mexico way, and even further south.

Nick Liguori is the author of the book Echoes of Ararat, and also of this three-part series. As stated previously, there are many cultures from antiquity that have Flood legends with many things in common despite the degradation of the stories over the centuries.

Machu Picchu, Peru image credit: Pixabay / Poswiecie
I am once again asking you to consider the fact that the legends had notable similarities, especially that there was a deluge. Not death by army ants, tremendous winds, giants, fire from the sky, or other things. Water. Most of these were punishment for the wickedness of humanity, though some were because one of the "gods" was offended. Still, such diverse cultures that were widely separated had similar stories from antiquity.

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