Neanderthal DNA Fake Science News

Time and time again, we see how scientists elevate the naturalism narrative over actual science. When they do not have something that works, they use the best-in-field fallacy instead of abandoning it. Similarly, secularists try to find ways of clinging to refuted "junk" DNA myth. Now they are doing the same thing with Neanderthals.

Even though believers in universal common descent evolution get burrs under their saddles when people say that humans evolved from apes (or monkeys), those critters they present sure do look like apes. Also, evolution popularizers also use the same kind of terminology. Cut people some slack, willya? Neanderthals were portrayed as a link between humans and apes, but it has been definitively shown that they were indeed fully human.

Even after evolution stories have been refuted, some scientists keep pushing them. A study in Neanderthal DNA gives opposite results than claimed.
Researchers tried to bring Neanderthal down a few notches from humanity with a DNA study. It did not go well. Using poor sampling and incomplete research, scientists made assertions that are the opposite of what is revealed in the results! Time and time again, they need to cowboy up and realize that God is the Creator, and evolution is false.
A new attempt from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Moscow, associated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, claims that scientists have discovered  “a new feature that distinguishes modern humans from Neanderthals. . . .

Exactly how this mutation “contributed to modern humans evolving into a separate species” is never explained. The authors merely assume that it supports the Darwinian story. . .

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