Darwin Did Evolutionary Fraud Before it was Cool

When votaries in Evolutionism accuse biblical creationists of lying about evolution, they are unable to back up their claims. As I have said numerous times before, disagreements, errors, jokes, disliking facts and so forth — those are not lies. But lies are fine when promoting evolution.

Charles Robert Darwin as a great scientist, even though he had no formal scientific training. (His only degree was in theology.) While he made many observations and took copious notes, his science skills were lacking. In his third major book, his integrity was conspicuously absent.

Though evolutionists falsely accuse creationists of lying, Darwin was blatantly deceptive. He used fake photos to manipulate people of his ideas.
When one makes charges of lying or fraud, extreme caution is necessary and the facts must support the accuser. Darwin presupposed evolution when writing about expressions in animals. Our "closest relatives" have far fewer muscles for facial expressions than humans, but he used animals as a basis for expressions in humans anyway. It did not go well.

The expression "pictures don't lie" is definitely untrue in the age of photo editing software that is so sophisticated, it often takes experts to detect fakes. However, Darwin used retouched photos and also outright fraud to support his message of death and meaningless. (The Cottingley Fairies fooled many people for about sixty years, and were also used to support a false message.) Darwin was not objective, nor did he use science. He used deceit and manipulation; the end justifies the means for people like that. Biblical creationists have the highest standard: to uphold the Bible and glorify the Creator.
Darwin’s book on facial expressions, titled The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, was his third major work on his evolutionary theory. Originally intended to be a single chapter in The Descent of Man, Darwin added so much material that it was eventually published separately in 1872. A best seller when published, out-selling Darwin’s other books, it has never been out of print since then.[1] The year 2022 is the 150th anniversary of the Expression book, often described as Darwin’s “forgotten masterpiece.” . . . 

Darwin’s interest in the subject began when, as an Edinburgh medical student, he read Sir Charles Bell‘s Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression (1844) which argued for a theological connection to emotions. Darwin took umbrage at this conclusion, and argued that cultural factors had only a minor role in shaping human expression. His approach was a biological—thus evolutionary—cause of the origins of animal expression. His philosophical foundation also led to his belief in a universal expression of emotions, implying a single evolutionary origin for the human species.

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