Biblical Creation and Rocket Science

Operational science is not something people normally associate with creation, it is something that belongs to atheists, so Christians need to stay with more spiritual or even prosaic professions. Not true. Christians and creationists are involved in many fields of science — and for good reasons.

Most of the founders of modern science were Christians, and even biblical creationists. (Some atheopaths try to deny this with outrageous claims, such as those people had to pretend to be believers or be executed. When challenged, they cannot back up their claims.) Science needs the proper environment in order to thrive.

Many Christians and creationists were and are involved in science. In an atheistic worldview, science is impossible. Logic and science come from God.
Artist's concept of ULA Atlas V launch, NASA / JPL-Caltech
When it comes to rocketry and space exploration, Wernher von Braun (a Christian who is maligned by atheists) was instrumental for American progress. In addition, he opposed evolution and naturalism. His work was for the glory of God.

There have been several astronauts of note in the space program who were professing Christians. Unfortunately, NASA began to take a decidedly atheistic approach to their programs, emphasizing evolution and deep time. God was ignored, and NASA's efforts began to fade. Is that a coincidence? This child doesn't think it is.
We clearly see in the very first chapter of the Bible in Genesis that God created everything in the heavens and the earth during the first week of creation. And on that fourth day of creation, he created the sun, moon, and stars (i.e., everything in space) and called it good. Yet, sadly, many in our culture today just assume that Christianity and space-exploration (rocket) science are not even related.

And this stigma has undoubtedly been driven by secular media, specifically by famous atheists, such as Stephen Hawking (famous British astrophysicist who lived 1942–2018). . . . 

However, by examining just a brief history in rocket science, we’ll see that it was actually Christians (not atheists) in the industry who gave rise to our modern space-exploration era.

Interestingly, the James Webb Space Telescope was recently launched. The author of the article is Rob Webb, an aerospace engineer. You can read all of it over at "A Brief History of Rocket Science." Please come back for the next part, which shows why it matters!

The disingenuous redefinition of atheism has taken it from the established "believes there is no God" to the disingenuous "lack of belief." That is a lazy religion, just sit right back and demand evidence, but when presented, reject it and suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Rom. 1:18-23). The religion of atheism cannot account for the laws of nature and logic!

We depend on these laws to be constant. Gravity is the same today as it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. Mathematical calculations will be consistent. The fundamental laws of logic remain the same. We understand and expect these things because they are manifestations of God's nature, and we are created in his image.

The ultimate source of reality is found in God's Word, and science itself is impossible without God. I have made remarks to professing atheists that I "lack belief" in something, and they have been able to give a reasonable response. One retorted that reality doesn't care about my lack of belief. Using the reification, "reality" does not care that misotheists "lack belief" that God is essential for science. The truth is still there whether they believe it (or even like it) or not. Rocket science, or any other science, does not make sense in a consistent materialistic worldview.

You might wonder, how does rocket science possibly relate to biblical creation? Doesn’t rocket science just belong in the secular realm of science? Or, more simply, rocket science doesn’t belong in the “Christian” (i.e., “spiritual”) category since the Bible doesn’t even mention rockets anywhere in the text . . .right?

It is true that we don’t explicitly find the word rocket anywhere in Scripture (obviously, since all the books of the Bible were written well before our modern rocket science era). However, there are many foundational principles established by God that are needed to even make rocket science work. In particular, things like the order and uniformity we observe (i.e., through natural law) in the universe that God established from the beginning when he created the heavens and the earth.

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