Incomplete Science and Climate Change Policies

It must be rough being a scientist who is trying to investigate, explore, calculate, and generally do science stuff, but the secular science industry has leftist and materialistic agendas. (I know myself the feeling of working for dishonest companies while trying to make a living, but it must be worse for a genuine scientist.) Especially when having questions and scientific material ignored or even suppressed. Not only is this rampant in origins research, but leftists manipulate global warming with fear and disingenuous science.

Like evolution, secularists use global warming to advance leftist agendas. It is troubling that they use bad science to influence policy making.
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One blatant example of sycophants in the secular science industry is how a vampire squid fossil was named after Joe Biden. This was done not because of paleontology, but because they approve of his "green" agenda. That stuff is very socialist.

People can be intimidated with the appeal to authority of, "Scientists say..." Political leftists and the secular science industry use that, coupled with the word consensus, used to squelch data that is inconvenient or even contrary — or the asking of questions. ("Climate change" is even used to support evolution! Can't be questioning that, either.) The fa├žade of unity is cracking, however.

As mentioned, there are still scientists who want to do sciency stuff, even thought it may not fit a political or atheistic naturalism agenda. A number of factors have been presented in the past that tend to be ignored by global warming fearmongers. There are additional problems that must be addressed in order to have an honest and more complete picture of climate change. This global warming scariness is based on deep-time evolutionary presuppositions.
Climate science is not a primary focus of Creation-Evolution Headlines, but sometimes it helps to show how consensus science is manufactured. If “settled science” behind vaccine and mask mandates have been dubious, and if expert astronomers spend millions of dollars on “dark matter” that may not even exist, and if climate scientists keep revising their models of primary data, then maybe perceptive citizens should not be too quick to believe that Darwinian evolution is a fact.

The following news stories are all from pro-warmist secular sources. Climate, as shown below, is a complex issue with many factors that are poorly constrained. How much more complex is the history of life according to evolutionists covering millions of years?

To read the stories, click on "Climate Science Is Imprecise", which is continued here. A related article is "More Reasons to Doubt a Climate Doomsday, if you've a mind to read it. Be sure to come back for the next section, which is quite troubling.

Secularists get intoxicated with power, or at least the ability to influence those with power. People who do not believe that God is the Creator, is in control, and has his plans are living in fear because of these sidewinders. What is to be done? Why, sycophants give the leftist politicians the information they want (not what they need) and help influence the legislation of policies. Even though scientists are dreadful at it.

We owe much to working scientists who measure things, gather information and publish it. When done with integrity, scientific research becomes a foundation for informed “evidence-based” decision making by the government. Those two roles, however, are best left separate. A good illustration why appeared in one of Nature‘s journals recently.

You can read the rest of the article at "Scientists Are Not Always Wise on Policy." Oh, boy. I thought I was done, but here's something more disturbing from the same source:

Transgender activists have gone far beyond requesting acceptance. They are persuading lawmakers to outlaw free speech against them, and taking extreme measures to violate others’ civil rights. For instance, some states are passing laws to encourage children to doubt their birth gender, even as as early as ones in kindergarten. Some are denying parents the right to know about a school curriculum promoting gender questioning, even to the point of promoting sex-change operations. Some are outlawing any attempt to reason with the sexually confused about their gender identity, even if the person wants to hear it. Teachers and business employees have been fired for failing to use “preferred pronouns” of those identifying with made-up genders like “non-binary” or “genderfluid.” A major controversy is raging over whether biological men self-identifying as women should compete in women’s sports – a move that is not only destroying women’s sports records, but also making the category “woman” dubious. What is a “woman” if any man can choose to be one? What becomes of “women’s rights” in a society that embraces transgenderism?

The entire article is "Big Science Embraces Trans Activism." By the way, someone pointed out that the American President of Vice belongs to a party that rejects the scientific fact of two genders. This means that, according to her fundamentally flawed worldview, she cannot be "the first female Vice President."