Sturgeons Make Monkeys out of Evolutionists

Like many fish, Atlantic sturgeons live most of their lives in the ocean, but go up rivers to spawn. Those accessing rivers from the Chesapeake Bay can choose from several. Some scientists were being unscientific, saying that these sturgeons spawn in the spring because that was the consensus.

Although sturgeons are endangered, a boatload of them spawn in the fall, not the spring. In fact, old records indicated fall spawning times as well. How could they miss seeing such large fish? Sturgeons have been mistaken for lake and sea monsters!

Evolutionary scientists made wrong assumptions about sturgeons. They did not see them because they did not look. Several facts defy evolution.
NOAA Fisheries (click the link for some interesting facts, including size and weight)
Too bad there wasn't a Chinook Haddock Sturgeon to preach them a sermon and get their attention. Even so, secularists probably wouldn't have noticed because they were locked into oversimplifying and rejecting previous records. In fact, these fish may have spawned both in spring and fall.

Sturgeons are considered living fossils, because the fossils of sturgeons found with dinosaurs are essentially unchanged over alleged millions of years. This is one of those things that turns Darwin's smile into a sad face. all those pictures, did he ever look happy?
Chesapeake Bay, the world’s largest bay, continually confuses evolutionists, but not so Atlantic sturgeons, who periodically spawn in that bay’s tributary rivers.1 Why? Erroneous assumptions about Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrhynchus), compounded by the “latest therefore greatest” fallacy, are at least partly to blame.

Consider these Darwinism- promoting sentences recently posted on the Chesapeake Bay Program website:

To read the rest, see "Sturgeon and the 'Latest Therefore Greatest' Fallacy." This video on Atlantic sturgeon research is in my "backyard", the Hudson River. There's some evolutionary propaganda from brainwashed but well-meaning people, but some interesting things as well.