Sex Differences are Genetic

We are living in a time where people are double-minded about "follow the science" as if it was an entity and the final arbiter of truth. Yet, "science says" unborn babies are non-persons who can be murdered on a whim, males and females can reassign genders, and more.

Those of us who do believe in observed scientific facts are baffled as to how the secular science industry can deny facts because their course is decided by leftist political winds. Fact: Men and women are different. This basic fact is supported by genetics.

It is a scientific fact that males and females are different, despite claims of science deniers. A new study on genetics affirms the created order.
As we saw recently, forensic scientists are able to determine the genders from people's remains based not only on body structure, but genetics. People who deny the Creator's design make life-altering decisions based on their feelings, and many often end up committing suicide after receiving hormone treatments and "gender reassignment surgeries" (mutilations), but those wicked doctors are still making money. Do mice care about being male or female and regret how they were born? That'll be the day! Scientists study mice quite often, and some staggering genetic results about sex and genetics — which affirm creation — resulted.
The implications of the Stanford study are clear: Most gender differences between males and females are due to genetics, not social factors. Sex is a biological difference, not a social construct as the modern culture claims. One obvious genetic difference most people know about is that human males have XY chromosomes, females XX. Given 100 trillion cells in a human body, that means there are 100 trillion genetic differences between human males and females! Furthermore, the chromosomal difference results in hundreds of genes that are inactivated in males and another hundred different genes inactivated in females. Multiplying that out, it results in well over 10 quadrillion genetic differences between males and females.

You can be amazed at the entire article by reading "Genes Determine Sex Differences." For a related article from five years ago (we've been presenting the facts for quite a spell), see "Scientists Discover Men and Women are Different." The video embedded below has two segments in a row related to transgenderism. It is supposed to start at 5:53, so you know where to adjust it if the video starts at the beginning. Or watch it all, that's fine: