Now Paleontology is Racist!

The secular science industry is ruining science by supporting leftist causes, and Russell Watchtower is working overtime. He heads up the Ministry of Truth at the Darwin Ranch (west on Folly Road, past Stinking Lake, up toward Deception Pass). The wokeness gang declares that paleontology is racist.

Instead of opposing or even ignoring such nonsense, secularists react, "Yahyuh, yahyuh, dat makes good sense!" White people are bad — because reasons and stuff. We developed many sciences, and obtained fossils where they are found. This includes places now occupied by people of color.

The secular science industry continues to self-destruct by embracing leftist causes. The absurdity continues with the claim that fossils are racist.
Made at PhotoFunia using a Wikimedia Commons image from Daderot (CC0 1.0)
In some astonishingly bad logic (frequently found when promoting fish-to-fool evolution), Nature allows numerous unsupported claims in a capitulation to leftist absurdity. In addition to anti-white, anti-wealthy assertions, they conveniently neglect how "colonialism" occurred throughout history. When asserting that non-whites are victims and superior, they conveniently overlooked the fact that indigenous people of all colors have waged wars, conquered, enslaved others (even of "their own kind"), and more.

To be consistent, shouldn't leftists refuse to benefit from science and technology developed by evil white people? On the other hand, I reckon that white people are glad to benefit from inventions and science from people of color. George Washington Carver is one easy example.

But...people of color? "Race" is a social construct. "Color" is just variations on amounts of melanin. You gotta spend two minutes on this video:

Someone rightly asked, "Have you ever received a job from a poor person?" It is irrational to hate the rich (often done by people who want their money so they can become wealthy themselves). The rock band Aerosmith did a song called "Eat the Rich" because that's what the rich are good for, but Steven Tyler is worth 150 million USD.

Those with deep pockets such as the secular science industry are able to do scientific research and find the fossils. If you study on it, those folks are working for creationists and others who do not have government grands and rich financiers. Everyone can benefit from the work of scientists (who are not only white)! The Genesis Flood was a global event, so obviously, fossils are everywhere — and they existed before people chose many of those places in which they live.

Big Science continues its path of self-destruction by valuing equity over truth . . .  where “equity” in today’s parlance requires performing self-flagellation for past sins of systemic racism, sexism and colonialism. To be sure, fairness is only fair, but truth trumps it. The truth about scientific data is what matters. Once Big Science becomes more concerned with the skin color or national origin of a fossil collector, it becomes a slave of political correctness. Big Science has already sold its soul to global elites. . . . Here is one particularly weird example.

How rich countries skew the fossil record (Nature, 13 Jan 2022). “Scientists from wealthier nations in Europe and North America contribute the lion’s share of fossil data,” worries Ewen Callaway. OK. So what?

You can read the full article on the absurdity of leftist secularists at "Fossils are Racist."