Appalachian Mountains and the Flood

The large system of mountains know as the Appalachians is considered to be quite old by uniformitarian geology standards. However, they show features that are "young".

Secular geologists have ideas on how the "old" Appalachian mountains show "young" features, but they are inadequate.
Image credit: morgueFile/youvebeenreviewed
There are several ideas put forth to explain the observed features, but they do not adequately explain these features, nor do they offer satisfactory mechanisms. The using the global Flood model, the data fit quite well.
An interesting article, published in GSA Today (a publication by the Geological Society of America) in February 2013, describes features of the landscape of the Appalachian Mountains. These are a system of mountain ranges in eastern North America, extending from around Atlanta, Georgia, north past New York, and into Canada (see figure left). The paper is entitled Miocene rejuvenation of topographic relief in the southern Appalachians.
This title would not mean anything to most people, because like most geological articles in geological journals this one is written in technical language making it difficult for a lay person to follow. So I’ll post the abstract below with my lay-friendly comments interspersed.
You can read the rest of "Appalachians eroded by receding waters of Noah’s Flood, new GSA paper shows", here. (Note in the comments area that some of Darwin's  Stormtroopers that police the Internet will attempt to put Dr. Walker in his place because he does not kowtow to their worldview, therefore, he must be wrong. Also note that the expected personal attacks are used. He responds accordingly.) Then, you can read one of the responses that was given its own post, here. Finally, a graphic illustration giving further evidence supporting Dr. Walker's statements.