Evolution Trickery, and the Age of the Solar System

Purveyors of evolutionism believe in their fatally flawed hypothesis despite the evidence, not because of evidence. The science is against it. Yet they deceive themselves, and are deceiving others, for a belief system that force-fits data into their presuppositions. When the facts interfere with their worldview, they perform feats of prestidigitation with "explanations" that should not convince (or fool) anyone. And call those of us who present contrary evidence, "Liars". Yet, the "theory" is still intact despite logic and science.

People need to put aside the propaganda and honestly look at the evidence. If they dropped their presuppositions, the data would make much more sense. But to admit that the evidence actually points to a Creator instead of supporting ever-changing naturalistic philosophies? Inconceivable!

The following article discusses the philosophies that keep people deceived about evolution. Then it goes on into another article with several evidences for a young solar system that are infuriating to evolutionary cosmologists. Why are they infuriating? Because Darwin's Cheerleaders demand an old universe so they can pretend that evolution actually happened. It won't work.
Charles Darwin could not conceive of the cell as more complex than all the factories and machines of his native England.   Most folks didn't know that Lyell and Haeckel were outright liars.   The 19th Century man did not have a huge accumulation of fossils nor did marvelous inventions like the electron microscope happen until generations later.   Ignorance mixed with hatred of God and the desire to have some kind of logical reason to reject Creationism was of utmost importance to men like Darwin and Huxley and they succeeded in pulling off a masterful con job on the world.   Perhaps the greatest folly is perpetrated by those who believe the foolishness themselves?   But after so many decades of being aware of the complexity of the cell, the magnificent coding of DNA, the interdependent workings of cell with DNA and ATP or even knowing all about the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly?   No scientist in the world is innocent who perpetuates this fraud!

Yes, Darwinists now are much like magicians.   Magicians really don't saw people in half or make an elephant disappear or pull rabbits out of their hats.   They use sleight-of-hand and carefully crafted orchestration of movements and unseen mechanisms.  We have been tricked, as if by a magician, as Darwinism has called upon us to look HERE while the evidence is over THERE and it is fatal to Darwinism!  Not only is it a sad truth, it is an amazing one!   So many Darwinists have to realize the preponderance of evidence is against them and yet they persevere and continue to stick with their increasingly unbelievable attempt at subtefuge.  No magicians actually do magic and none of them believe that they do it.  We go to magic shows wanting to be fooled and believe what is incredible.

But science is not like a magic show, at least it ought not be.   We should not expect to be lied to and fooled when we go to science to try to understand how things work.  So why should we stand for being lied to and fooled when we wonder where everything comes from and why?  You see, there is a place where science and philosophy are connected.  It is at the intersection of origins street and purpose avenue.   Where the Universe came from also comes with the question of why and not just how.   When we ask why we are here and how we came to be here, we find ourselves asking the scientist, the philosopher and the man of faith.   The man of faith in God has known that God created all along, the philosophers run the gamut from A to Z and the scientist?   The scientist once assumed that God created and investigated how the created things worked.  This is how science advanced from superstition and supposition to multiple disciplines of study and accomplishment.  Now we have scientists who assume that no God exists and irrationally seek order within a Universe they believe popped randomly from nothing for no purpose by no plan.  Evidence has been cast aside in favor of fairy tales.   So now the cultural myths of isolated third-world tribes make about as much sense as does Stephen Hawking and vice-versa.   Hawking is just as ludicrous as Mongo the Witch Doctor, only with better math skills.
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