Water Bear - Evidence for Design

The "Water Bear" or "Moss Piglet" (Tardigrade) is an amazing, tiny and appallingly ugly critter whose picture can be mistaken for a vacuum cleaner bag, or even as a prank. Even so, its survivability in extreme conditions for long periods of time is pretty much unbelievable. 
Never growing more than 0.06 inches (1.5 mm) (smaller than the thickness of a quarter), water bears dwell in a diversity of environments, from the highest mountains to the deep sea. To survive these extremes, they have an amazing ability—they can enter a sort of hibernation. In this state a water bear is called a tun.
In this condition, they can survive being boiled in water and frozen to almost absolute zero (where all molecular motion ceases). Curious about the limits of their survivability, scientists discovered that water bears can survive pressure up to six times the deepest ocean trench’s pressure. When subjected to the complete vacuum of space and direct radiation from the sun, they lived. Water bears can even survive for almost ten years totally dehydrated. To resurrect them, all you have to do is add water.
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