Misrepresented Missing Link

The saga of puijila is not only a marvelous example of horribly misinterpreting data because of fundamentally flawed evolutionary presuppositions, but circular reasoning to "prove" evolution. Then, the desperate-for-evidence evolutionists and the journal Nature actually misrepresented the findings. They really otter know better. Of course, creationists do not have these problems, as the evidence fits the creationist worldview.
For 150 years, evolutionists had not been able to find evolutionary ancestors for the aquatic group of mammals called pinnipeds—the seals, sea lions, and walruses. This was odd because they had found well over 15,000 fossil pinnipeds but they had not found any land ancestors that were on the way to becoming a seal, sea lion or walrus. Their ‘oldest’ fossil, a creature called Enaliarctos, looked like a modern sea lion, with fully aquatic front and back flippers, not feet or even webbed feet. Such a wealth of fossils but no transitional creature fossils posed a conundrum for evolution scientists. For creation scientists, this was not a problem at all but the expected fossil pattern: Pinnipeds were created ‘as is’, and did not evolve from another animal, hence the missing links should not be found.
In 2009 Puijila darwini was announced as the latest ‘missing link’ found, a triumph of evolution. This was published in Nature, regarded as the most prestigious journal in the world. Richard Dawkins waxed lyrical about this fossil:
“Puijila neatly straddles the gap between land and water in the ancestry of pinnipeds. It is yet another delightful addition to our growing list of ‘links’ that are no longer missing.”
According to Dr Carl Werner… it looks like the authors of the Nature article seriously misrepresented and misinterpreted the fossils.
You are encouraged to finish reading "Another major ‘link’ fails", here. Interestingly, I found out that not only is today the anniversary of this Weblog, but it's the birthday of the author of the linked article! Happy birthday, Don!