Reloading the Silver Bullet for the Evolution Werewolf

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The werewolf of evolution is dead. But it will not stay in its grave because acolytes of evolutionism keep giving it unnatural life. So, we keep taking it down with silver bullets of logic.

Evolutionists claim that logic and truth are products of the mind, and therefore, products of evolution. Anyone with half a brain will realize that this is absurd. Just ask any psychologist whether or not people have different concepts of reality and logic.

Further, brain chemistry changes. I am a diabetic, and blood glucose levels can affect my moods. So do the blood pressure medications. I used to be on antidepressants, and those things modify brain chemistry. The "logic" of a person with clinical depression or a psychotic disorder does not match with actual logic, it is ruled more by emotions than reason.

Sometimes it's hard to be a human.

So how can truth, logic, perceptions of reality, mathematics, morality and more be the product of chemistry? They cannot. And this is another silver bullet into the moldering hide of evolution.
Can Darwinian evolution explain the unchanging logic underlying our thought processes, and our universal awareness of truth?

To answer this question, let's first consider the brain itself. If Darwinian evolution is true, then of course logic and truth are "products" of the the material brain. In other words, logical thought processes must come from the brain. And awareness of truth must come from the brain.

And if logic and truth are unchanging and universal, it stands to reason that the very mechanism which produces them - the brain - must also be immune to change. But as can easily be demonstrated, this is simply not the case.

Consider the following ways that our brains, along with the way that we think, vary from person to person.
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