Science Will Govern Us

How would you like to live in a world run by "science"? Never mind that "science" is a philosophical concept and not a living entity. People have elevated scientists (the people who do science stuff) into a class of intellectuals who are unbiased and have the highest morals, so they are best suited to govern us, yes? Of course, those of us who know that the science does not support evolution would be considered "anti-science" (even more than the rants of Darwin's Cheerleaders would have you believe). Are scientists really suited to govern? We may find out, whether we like it or not.
The scientocracy C. S. Lewis feared is seriously being considered by left-leaning, abortion-promoting scientism communities.
Time for science to seize political power” blazes a headline on New Scientistby Michael Brooks.
In your wildest dreams, could you imagine a government that builds its policieson carefully gathered scientific evidence? One that publishes the rationale behind its decisions, complete with data, analysis and supporting arguments? Well, dream no longer: that’s where the UK is heading.
But why would they need to “seize” political power instead of use the methods of democracy?  Brooks used the either-or and loaded-words tactics of portraying anything but scientocracy as “hunch-based politics,” failing to define evidence in “scientific evidence,” a philosophically vexed notion.  His description of science fits the classic definition of scientism: the belief that the scientific method is the only sure pathway to truth.
Perhaps the food in the UK influences their thinking? Naw, Brits have a stable diet. Anyway, you can read the rest of "Scientocracy Is Coming", here. And then you might like to see this video: