Bad Arguments from Evolutionists

Evolutionists should avoid certain arguments because they are irrational or just plain wrong. Often, creationists know more about evolution than its own foot soldiers that are "protecting" "science".
When defending the truth of biblical creation science, sometimes we need to correct enthusiastic but inaccurate creationists about using bad arguments. It is indeed unfortunate that evolutionists do not feel the same way about correcting their uninformed supporters.

The article linked below describes several arguments that are common on the Web. Some of us are more public than others, so we encounter them frequently. It infuriates some of Darwin's Cheerleaders that we often know more about evolution than they do, and have to correct them about their own belief system! Why they feel the need to patrol the Web and attack evolution unbelievers, I can only guess. Some even claim that they are protecting "science". Ridiculous. Science does not need protecting! In fact, true science flourishes when scientists will examine contrary evidence instead of suppressing it like people are doing today.

One "argument" that is not on the list is when we get people who reflexively calls practically anyone who gives evidence for a young earth, refuting evolution, telling the truth about atheism &c. a "liar". However, I think they do not really know what that word means. Or perhaps they do not care. The fact is that someone with a contrary viewpoint that offers evidence and logical arguments against evolution is not a liar — such an accusation not only makes the accuser look ridiculous, but makes said accuser into a liar.

The following article may be of interest to Darwin's Drones, but creationists should read it (and the supporting links) to be aware of the vacuous but passionate attacks to which we are subjected. We can beware of these things, but unfortunately we cannot actually stop bullying and anti-Christian bigotry.
We have a popular article titled, Arguments we think creationists should not use. Indeed, even many misotheistic evolutionists, including Richard Dawkins, have commended the existence of such a page. Well, as the saying goes, ‘What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.’ Here are arguments that we think evolutionists should not use.
I am not lying when I strongly urge you to read the rest of "Arguments Evolutionists Should Not Use".