Origins Science and Practical Applications

Darwin's Cheerleaders falsely claim that a proper understanding of evolution is essential to the progress of science. (Another of their false claims is that scientists who reject evolution are not true scientists, which is essentially an arbitrary, ideological litmus test to define "scientist".) Evolution has nothing to do with the advancement of science and technology. A scientist's rejection of evolutionism will not affect his or her ability to perform medical science or calculate rocket trajectories, and this has been shown many times.

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Origins science has effects, and is not just a parlor discussion. The truth is that the presumption of evolution has actually been harmful to the advancement of science. Biblical-based presuppositions lead to better science.
“It doesn’t really matter, in the real world, what you believe about creation or evolution,” the college student glibly challenged me. “Whether the evolutionists are right or whether Genesis is right makes no practical difference in how science works or in how people live their lives.” With a grin and a wave of his hand, the sophomore dismissed the real-world relevance of biblical creation as if it were no morepractical than evolutionary myths. 
Was he correct? Is the Genesis record of God’s creation (and its post-Fall groaning condition, the global Flood, etc.) really that irrelevant to how science works and how people live? 
No. There are many practical proofs that refute his reckless conclusion.
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