What's Wrong with Evolutionary Fraud?

The public has an idealized concept of scientists as being dispassionate, willing to follow where the evidence leads, unbiased — you know, not really human. They may not even want to be on the pedestal that some people put them upon. In fact, they have the same ambitions, moral failings and even biases just like us reg'lar folk.

Quite likely, even more so. 

The worldviews of evolutionary scientists compels them to promote their own dogma. It is fine to deceive students because the end (belief in evolution) justifies the means. Darwin's Cheerleaders are willing to troll, libel, defame, and use bad logic. Not surprising, really, since many scientists and especially their press are setting examples with poor reasoning. There should be no reason to criticize them for fraud and other shenanigans such as tampering with the data or telling "stories". Survival of the fittest is a part of evolutionary theory, remember? They are being consistent with their worldview.

Christians do not need to be intimidated by what passes as "science", and when they claim to have disproved something in the Bible — just wait a while and watch their disproof get disproved. Again. Meanwhile, we have a consistent foundation for the truth.
Many people think that science is about impartial observation and the reporting of facts. But scientists, like all human beings, have biases, agendas and belief systems that cause them to interpret facts in a certain way. It’s normal for people to want to also convince others of what they believe, and unfortunately they sometimes stretch the point in trying to get others on board. Also, in the research world it’s all about tenure and funding. If one makes a spectacular claim or find, money and recognition often follow—as long as these claims fit within the ruling scientific paradigm. 
Today, science is equated with naturalism. Naturalism is the belief that everything in existence came about through natural processes. Many currently observed natural processes are extrapolated back into the past over vast eons of time. For example, in geology, one often hears the mantra, “The present is the key to the past.” Only materialistic explanations are allowed to explain the world we live in, no matter if the facts point to a contrary hypothesis.
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