What About That Cosmic Microwave Background?

Several conjectures for the condition of the universe have been proposed through the years. The Big Bang was not widely accepted as the origin of the universe until the 1960s, even though the concept had been put forward years before. Some of the resistance was due to how it indicated that the universe had a beginning, and other concepts (such as the Steady State and the Static) had a kind of "it was always there" approach. Many secular scientists as well as biblical creationists reject the Big Bang due to various scientific difficulties. Both biblical and secular scientists have postulated erroneous explanations.

Nine-Year Microwave Sky / NASA / WMAP Science Team
Predictions were made that there would be background radiation. The idea was that if this was found, it would not only prove the Big Bang, but disprove the Steady State of the universe. This background exists in microwave form, and the Steady State was largely abandoned. Proponents of the Big Bang believe that it, as well as the CMB, disprove the biblical account of creation. However, the Big Bang has serious problems of its own.

Rather than being proof of the Big Bang and refutation of the Bible, the problems show that further research of cosmic proportions needs to be conducted. Dr. Danny Faulkner wrote for Answers Research Journal.
I examine two explanations for the cosmic microwave background (CMB) that recent creationists have proposed, 1) radiation from dust, and 2) Eddington’s “temperature of space” computation. Both of these suggested sources have problems. Radiation from dust is too clumpy and has too high temperature to be the source of the CMB. Eddington’s model of the “temperature of space” differs from the characteristics of the CMB in at least three ways. I also examine some claims from critics of the big bang that the CMB plots have been manipulated to mimic a blackbody spectrum and find that argument to be baseless. I briefly survey four problems with the CMB being the remnant of the big bang. These considerations present the possibility that no one yet knows the true origin of the CMB.
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