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Monday, March 24, 2014

Video Podcast 20 — Evolution, Atheopaths and Moral Standards

Atheism is an easy religion. Just say you don't believe. Standing up for the truth of the Bible is hard, and you will be persecuted. A 1987 song by Steve Taylor comes to mind, "Harder to Believe than Not To" (inspired by Flannery O'Connor). I like where it says, "Are you sturdy enough to move to the front? Is it nods of approval or the truth that you want? And if they call it a crutch, then you walk with pride, Your accusers have always been afraid to go outside". Right! We take our stand for the truth, and atheopaths throw rocks from the safety of "I don't believe", yet consider themselves crusaders for "reason", even when they do not know how to use logic, nor do they have a source for a consistent moral standard.

What about agnostics? I am convinced that many are atheists who want even less of a commitment, but they still throw rocks right along side the hatetheists. I still have hopes for those who are honestly seeking, however.

It is easy for unbelievers to say things that are completely untrue and not be ashamed among their peers since they don't police their own much. While Christians are supposed to call each other to account, I see atheists giving approval of persecution and deceit. Then they claim that they have moral standards. "Good without God"? Not hardly.

Here is a comment I found just this morning, something blatantly false:

Was he lying, ignorant or something else? I dunno.

Did you know that I am a "compulsive liar for Jesus"? It was news to me. (Not as good as Ken Ham, who was called a "professional liar".) Such accusations are irrational. This is what people who stand for the truth have to deal with. God told us it would happen. People who make such accusations do not impress thinking people, though I am convinced that they are using emotional buzzwords to negate their opposition because they cannot refute them with science and logic.

One stalker keeps sending e-mail to other creationists (who, let's be straightforward, are much more important than I am and have probably never even heard of me). It is unreasoning hate and a clear case of courtroom-admissible libel. He admittedly wants to destroy my reputation. Frankly, I think this it is all about his ego). I helped by forwarding the mail (it was sent to me from someone else, I have this guy blocked) to several people, including Pastor Bob Enyart, who interviewed me on his radio show twice. What these people do not get is that I pray for glory to God, not glory to Bob. I know I will fade, but want to have an impact for Christ when and where I can.

By the way, just think for a moment: People who believe in God, who is holy, righteous and just, who hates sin and liars, are going to lie to get someone to believe in the gospel message? Oh, please! The other thing is that simply calling someone a "liar for Jesus", or simply throwing around the accusation without backing up the claim, makes the accuser into the liar.

Simply asserting something is false does not make it false. Calling someone a liar does not make him or her a liar. There's this little thing called evidence that people like to use. 

One thing I emphasize in the video that even if I was lying, so what? That would be a natural result of evolution, and nobody has any right to complain! Although it's annoying to be called a liar by liars, and it's outright laughable for someone with no foundation for morality to call me "evil", they do this because they are controlled by their father down below.

Such persecution leads to greater rewards in Heaven. Should I thank my persecutors for increasing my wealth?

"It's harder to believe than not to."

Sorry for the more lengthy introduction than usual. Here is the video. Below it is something I took a few seconds of audio from:

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