Evolution and Fossil Frustrations

Proponents of evolution will tell us that fossils are proof that they are right. Unfortunately, this is based on assertions, preconceptions, circular reasoning and more fallacies. Again I tell you that there is no such thing as your facts and my facts because we all have the same facts. It is the interpretation of the facts that cause the disagreements.

Evolutionists say that fossils are proof of evolution. Not true. In fact, many fossils are in the "wrong place", refuting uniformitarianism and affirming Noah's Flood.
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A frequent problem for evolutionary geologists and paleontologists is that things are in the "wrong place" according to their uniformitarian and evolutionary worldview. Old things are found with less old things, and so on. So the evolutionists have to make excuses. Again. It is too bad that they cling to their disproved assumptions, since the evidence clearly fits the Noachian Flood models of biblical creationists.
The stories told about some fossils raise more questions than answers, even with top Darwin spin doctors in the operating room.
That is the only excerpt I will give you. To see the examples and commentary, go to "Fossils Facts and Fantasies".