Evolutionary Cosmology Falsified — AGAIN

This is a great time to be a creationist! The more science and technology advance, the more we learn about God's creation — and the more absurd the hypothesis of evolution really is. Evolution has been repeatedly falsified on earth and in space, and creation science is being verified.

NASA, ESA, and S. Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team
In space, no one can hear cosmologists scream about the failings of their presuppositions. Galaxies are "too perfect", refuting the Big Bang. Blue stars, stars that should not even exist — and galaxies that are "too mature". The Big Bang cosmology is in a death spiral, with circular reasoning, "maybe", "must have", "probably", plus other unfounded assertions, speculations and logical fallacies passed off as "science".
Fifteen years ago, no cosmologist would have predicted mature galaxies early on, but they keep getting found – earlier and earlier. 
Astronomers just set a new record. They found mature galaxies dated at just 1.6 billion years after the big bang, a mere 12% of its assumed age. Science Daily explains in “Galaxies in the early universe mature beyond their years”–: 
An international team of researchers has discovered the most distant examples of galaxies in the early universe that were already mature and massive. The mature galaxies were found at a record-breaking distance of 12 billion light years, seen when the universe was just 1.6 billion years old. Their existence at such an early time raises new questions about what forced them to grow up so quickly.
This is what is called a falsification: a failed prediction of what was previously believed. To adjust the consensus cosmology, astronomers are forced to postulate new mechanisms for forcing galaxies to grow up quickly. This has the drawback of undermining the uniformity of nature, requiring “special pleading” to get a theory to work.
You can read the rest of what should be making evolutionary cosmologists weep, at "Cosmologists Were Wrong about Galaxy Evolution".